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Every entrepreneur needs two things: encouragement and inspiration. Each week, we post a new Black Gem with practical information designed to help emerging business leaders reach the next level.

GEM 2023-1-1

Want to get ahead in life?  Take time to stop and regularly review your progress so you can make any needed changes going forward to help achieve your goals. While watching a football game this weekend, I noted that when the Quarterback returned to the bench after a series of downs, the first thing he did […]
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Gem #22-12-3: Never Stop Learning

  1. Read something every day, entrepreneur should always be growing and learning.
  2. Reading expands your perspective, and it challenges you to think outside the BOX.
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Gem #22-12-4: Your Employees Should Have A Voice

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with their employees is to not allow their employees to ask questions or give their opinions about decisions made by the Entrepreneur. Make sure that your employees know that they can ask questions about your decisions without getting into trouble.Employees want the opportunity to speak out and share […]
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Gem #22-12-1: Entrepreneurs Must Be Leaders

To be successful in business you must be able to lead people and remember there is more than one way to do it. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, lead with a strong hand getting involved in every detail of his business compared to Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, whose approach was more of a […]
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Gem #22-11-1: The 4 Skill Sets of a Successful Entrepreneur

The question is, which of these skill sets do you have? Whatever skillset that you feel is needed, make sure you employ or contract it to help ensure your success.
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Gem #22-11-3: What 3 Types of Business Insurance are a Must for every Entrepreneur (Part 2)!

You can operate your business without new office furniture, the fastest new computer, or the best-looking office space, but if you are serious about being an entrepreneur you must protect your company from being liable for accidents, legal claims, and damages to your business. Natural disasters, theft, employee injuries, property damage, and other circumstances can […]
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Gem #22-11-2: What 3 Types of Business Insurance are a Must for Every Entrepreneur! (Part 1)

Just like personal insurance policies such as vehicle, health, and rental insurance, business insurance comes in many forms to protect business owners. Not all businesses need every kind of small business insurance, so it’s important to understand their functions to create an insurance plan that makes sense for your business. Here are my top three.
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Gem #22-10-2: Four Responsibilities of an Insurance Company

Fair Dealing Insurance Contract General Duties Duty to Defend
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Gem #22-11-4: Why DO 70% Of Businesses Fail?

They give up. Here are the Black Gems for today that will help your business be Successful
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