Weekly Gems

Every entrepreneur needs two things: encouragement and inspiration. Each week, we post a new Black Gem with practical information designed to help emerging business leaders reach the next level.

Gem #22-10-3: The Internet must be a part of your business model

Over 1.5 million dollars is spent every 30 seconds on the internet, your business must have a presence on the world wide web. Having a website that is professionally done is essential to your business. Remember that a customer’s first impression is a lasting impression. No matter what type of business you have, today's consumers […]
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Gem #22-10-4: Who's Fooling Who?

In business, you must always tell yourself the truth. 1.) As an entrepreneur you must condition yourself to tell yourself the truth, no matter how hard it may be ( Even I struggle with this Black Gem sometimes). 2.) The customer will determine if your idea (product or service) is what the world has been […]
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Gem #22-12-4: Your Employees Should Have A Voice

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with their employees is to not allow their employees to ask questions or give their opinions about decisions made by the Entrepreneur. Make sure that your employees know that they can ask questions about your decisions without getting into trouble.Employees want the opportunity to speak out and share […]
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