Weekly Gems

GEM 2023-1-1

Want to get ahead in life?  Take time to stop and regularly review your progress so you can make any needed changes going forward to help achieve your goals.

While watching a football game this weekend, I noted that when the Quarterback returned to the bench after a series of downs, the first thing he did was pick up a tablet and review his performance against the challenges he had just faced.  What had the defense done that he had not anticipated?  Did he miss seeing an open receiver down field?  What did he do wrong on 3rd and long?   What could he have done better?  All these factors are quickly reviewed, and discussions held with his teammates to adjust the game plan for the next series.  Hopefully what he learned will help him lead the team to victory!  

This same concept applies to your personal and professional life.  Take some time to regularly sit down and review short and long-term goals with your team.  Is your defense set so when a sudden turnover/change in business or your personal life happens, you are ready to respond? Do you have 6-months of savings set aside if (when) life throws an interception?  Will some additional training, a new certification or an advanced degree help you achieve the next level at work or in business?  How can your life partner, mentor, or manager support you in achieving your goals?

Keep these tips in mind and soon you will be the one in the End Zone doing the Chicken Dance!

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