Weekly Gems

Gem #22-12-2: Three Great Ways To Get New Customers

  1. Make your existing Customers your marketing team.
    • Offer coupons or discounts in exchange for referrals
    • Offer discounts or giveaways for existing customers to like you or provide testimonial on social media
    • Offer Free items (Giveaways) or special pricing for first time customers
  2. Host a Special event designed for New Customers
    • Offer a group or organization a specified day with specific discounts to introduce them to your business
    • Offer an area in your space as a meeting place for groups to come and host their meetings
    • Sponsor an event where you get maximum advertising to new customers
  3. 3. Team up
    • Identify another business that compliments your business and host event
    • Cross promotions will help you tap into their existing customer base
    • Organize an event with others that is big enough to draw a large number of new consumers to your front door
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