Weekly Gems

Gem #22-11-1: The 4 Skill Sets of a Successful Entrepreneur

  • The Entrepreneur - This person has the ability to come up with great business ideas.
  • The Manager - This person may not come up with great business ideas, however, they know how to Manage/Operate the company.
  • The Bean Counter - This person is the Accountant or Bureaucrat placing excessive emphasis on controlling expenditure and budgets.
  • The Cheerleader - This person is the one that talks to the Entrepreneur or Manager or Bean Counter when things aren't going well in their area. The Cheerleader encourages each personality when needed, telling them that they are the most important person in the company, helping them to get back on track and moving forward.

The question is, which of these skill sets do you have? Whatever skillset that you feel is needed, make sure you employ or contract it to help ensure your success.

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