Weekly Gems

Gem #22-11-4: Why DO 70% Of Businesses Fail?

They give up.

  • They don’t work hard enough.
  • They aren’t resourceful when things get slow.
  • They don’t see success within 6 months of starting their business so they don’t think it’ll work, so they quit.

Here are the Black Gems for today that will help your business be Successful

  • Identify what is the most impactful thing that you can do each day to help your business and do it (even if it's not the part of your business that you like doing the most).
  • Buckle down, do whatever is the hardest and most impactful tasks as early as possible each day, your business will not only survive, it will thrive, you will Succeed.
  • Remember, you must do the hard tasks each day, not just when it’s convenient. Having a successful business is not easy, it takes Hard Work. Sometimes it’s not "convenient."
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