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David Harris

Serial Entrepreneur and consummate networker, David Harris has been owning and managing businesses since his childhood and eagerly shares his wisdom with those looking to grow their business and expand their influence.
Every entrepreneur needs two things: encouragement and inspiration. David’s desire is to share from what he has learned and the connections he has made to help rising emerging business leaders reach the next level.

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GEM 2023-1-1

Want to get ahead in life?  Take time to stop and regularly review your progress so you can make any needed changes going forward to help achieve your goals. While watching a football game this weekend, I noted that when the Quarterback returned to the bench after a series of downs, the first thing he did […]
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Gem #22-12-3: Never Stop Learning

  1. Read something every day, entrepreneur should always be growing and learning.
  2. Reading expands your perspective, and it challenges you to think outside the BOX.
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Gem #22-12-4: Your Employees Should Have A Voice

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with their employees is to not allow their employees to ask questions or give their opinions about decisions made by the Entrepreneur. Make sure that your employees know that they can ask questions about your decisions without getting into trouble.Employees want the opportunity to speak out and share […]
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Latest Business Leader Profile

Patricia Jackson

Patricia Jackson was born in Chicago and got her start in the restaurant business at an early age. She worked in the kitchen at Ivory’s Shrimp House; learning how to cut potatoes, peel shrimp, and keep a clean kitchen; a job which she never forgot!  Patricia received her bachelor’s degree in Nursing as she continued her […]
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Jane Doe and Jane’s Boutique

David interviews Jane Doe who started a small shop in Houston with close out merchandise from vendors across the country. She has grown to more than $4 million in revenue at three locations and gained valuable insights along the way. 
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