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To be successful in business you must be able to lead people and remember there is more than one way to do it. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, lead with a strong hand getting involved in every detail of his business compared to Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, whose approach was more of a free spirit. I'm sure both of them would give you different Leadership rules but they both were highly successful. Here are mine:

The question is, which of these skill sets do you have? Whatever skillset that you feel is needed, make sure you employ or contract it to help ensure your success.

You can operate your business without new office furniture, the fastest new computer, or the best-looking office space, but if you are serious about being an entrepreneur you must protect your company from being liable for accidents, legal claims, and damages to your business. Natural disasters, theft, employee injuries, property damage, and other circumstances can all have a negative impact on your business if you're uninsured. Below are my three Must.

General Liability Insurance, also known as commercial general liability insurance or business liability insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance, also known as Worker's Comp

Workers' comp is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

Unemployment insurance, also known as Federal and State Unemployment Insurance

All employers are required to pay federal and state unemployment insurance. This is a small percentage of the employee’s pay that you withhold as part of payroll taxes that is added to a pool for future unemployment benefits. Unemployment insurance does not require you to buy an insurance policy, you simply must deduct the appropriate amount of funds. Check your state’s unemployment insurance rate to make sure you are meeting the legal contribution requirement for unemployment insurance.

Just like personal insurance policies such as vehicle, health, and rental insurance, business insurance comes in many forms to protect business owners. Not all businesses need every kind of small business insurance, so it’s important to understand their functions to create an insurance plan that makes sense for your business. Here are my top three.

  1. General Liability
  2. Worker's Compensation Insurance
  3. Unemployment insurance

3 Gems Why to Buy

Fair Dealing

Insurance Contract

General Duties

Duty to Defend

They give up.

Here are the Black Gems for today that will help your business be Successful

  1. Make your existing Customers your marketing team.
    • Offer coupons or discounts in exchange for referrals
    • Offer discounts or giveaways for existing customers to like you or provide testimonial on social media
    • Offer Free items (Giveaways) or special pricing for first time customers
  2. Host a Special event designed for New Customers
    • Offer a group or organization a specified day with specific discounts to introduce them to your business
    • Offer an area in your space as a meeting place for groups to come and host their meetings
    • Sponsor an event where you get maximum advertising to new customers
  3. 3. Team up
    • Identify another business that compliments your business and host event
    • Cross promotions will help you tap into their existing customer base
    • Organize an event with others that is big enough to draw a large number of new consumers to your front door

Over 1.5 million dollars is spent every 30 seconds on the internet, your business must have a presence on the world wide web.

Having a website that is professionally done is essential to your business. Remember that a customer’s first impression is a lasting impression.

No matter what type of business you have, today's consumers are buying it over the internet; a house, a car, a vacuum cleaner, food, today's consumers start their shopping on the internet with their cell phone or home computers.

If you are a new Entrepreneur or have been in business for years, make sure you invest in your website, it must be one of the essential parts of your business model.

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